About Midas

Midas Homes was formed in the mid to late eighties to provide and build accommodation for tenants in the private rented sector. The company enjoyed year on year growth as properties were added to the portfolio establishing itself as a small successful company. During the early to mid nineties Midas responded to the growth of both Hull Universities by providing accommodation for up to 700 students as well as other private tenants.

Since the mid nineties a more diverse approach to business was adopted; other opportunities within the construction industry were sought out and exploited. By the late nineties, having moved away from a diminishing student market, the company set about forming partnerships with other companies and investors. Through these partnerships the Midas group was able to undertake projects of a greater scale and take advantage of changing demands in the marketplace.

This approach to business has coincided with a rapid expansion of operations in all areas. Interests extend to from the original roots of the organisation (property portfolio management) to new buildings, renovations, special projects and development.

The Future

The future looks bright for the company and there is a determination to meet the many challenges ahead. The senior management team realise the level of success largely rests in the hands of all employees. Therefore there is recognition that one of the greatest assets of the organisation is the staff who have a daily influence on our continued success.

Success in developing and managing multifunctional companies has encouraged Midas to seek other partners and opportunities.

Midas are an equal opportunities employer